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“If you want a relationship that looks and feels like the most amazing thing on Earth, you need to treat it like it is the most amazing thing on Earth.” This .. all of this! Can I get an ‘Amen’?! While searching the internet, I came across this amazing quote, and boy oh boy are they words to live by! I have always felt it’s extremely important to cultivate your relationships. I come from a family of divorce, so I’ve seen first hand what happens when you don’t.

One of the ways my hubby and I have treated our relationship like the most amazing thing on Earth is through spending quality time through date nights! Date nights have always been important to me, and I strongly believe that quality time date nights help our marriage. Luckily my amazing husband has embraced my crazy planning and interesting date nights throughout our almost 14 year relationship. I love to plan, get creative in what we do, and experience life while making memories and strengthening our marriage. I am a romantic; he is not. He doesn’t love to cook, and I’m not a fan of golf. In the 14 years we have tried things for each other. Some have worked, others not so much. It doesn’t matter if they’re the best date ever; it’s the fact that we’ve tried and continue to try that is so wonderful!

So often once marriage happens and kids come along, dating falls through the cracks. Dating your spouse is what keeps you knowing the person you fell in love with. As the years pass, people grow and change. My likes and hobbies are not the same as when we started dating at 17! I can’t stress this enough, dating is important!! 🙂 You want to grow and change together, not apart. Making sure you make time for each other where the kids aren’t included, where work can’t reach you, when it is just the two of you making memories and experiencing life; that is important. With kiddos in the picture now date nights are not as often as we use to have them, but we strive for at least once a month. I know some people have a set weekly date, every other week, or like us once a month. Whatever works for your schedule, make it happen. You’ll be amazed at how connected you’ll feel to each other!

How do you treat your relationship like it’s the most amazing thing on Earth? Do you already have a certain schedule for date nights? Do you do something different? If so comment below; I’d love to hear them!!

And because I love photos and sharing here are some of my favorite dates my husband and I have had recently.

Fancy dinner out – We were fortunate enough to get away for a night and booked a hotel with a steakhouse in it. I got all dolled up, and we had a 3 course meal. It was so fun and delicious! I had filet pops, a pear and blue cheese salad, and we shared a warm apple tart. 🙂

Swine and Dine festival- In our little town every September there’s a Swine and Dine festival. During the day they have food vendors and local restaurants serving delicious bbq, there’s games for kiddos, and even a bbq cook off (my hubby was a judge this past year!). In the evening the food vendors are still set up, they serve beer, and they get a different band to play each year. They basically shut down our main street for an outdoor concert! It’s a lot of fun! This year we enjoyed some delicious pulled pork nachos and candied bacon while listening and dancing to Walker McGuire!


Hamilton- This past year for our birthdays we spent the day in Chicago. We had lunch at the Italian Village, where we ate the most delicious rum cake ever! We then enjoyed the play Hamilton (FINALLY!!)! If you haven’t gone, you need to! It was so amazing. We would love to go again!


Cubs Game- We try to make it to at least one Cubs game a year. There’s something about enjoying America’s favorite pastime! 🙂

Much love,

Chef Charley


  • Megan schoonover

    Wow Charley this is truly amazing. Cannot wait to read your future blogs. You already having me planning my next date. You are so right that you need to date your spouse. It’s so easy to get carried away with work,life,and kids and forget to do this. Thank you for reminding me.

  • Tabitha

    I totally agree with you! I once heard a quote that said,” your children are lent to you for 18 years but your spouse is given to you for a lifetime..” so important to make them a priority..last night our date consistented of shooting guns,sharing nachos,and running errands..haha its the little things:)

  • Cody Kietzman

    Way to go sweetie, I am so proud of you! Very well said, I am so glad I get to ‘date’ you after all these years!

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