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10 Date Night Ideas

Stuck in a rut with the same movie and dinner date? Struggling to think of new or different ideas for you and your sweetheart? Since I love planning and coming up with ideas to try, I thought I’d share ten of my favorite date night ideas to get you inspired!

  1. Get dolled up and go enjoy a fancy dinner together. Order different items and share… Or you can be like Lady and the Tramp and share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs! 😉
  2. Attend a professional sports game if you’re lucky enough to live near a venue. If not, try a local college. There’s a baseball team about an hour away from us that’s fun to go watch.
  3. Find a place with Comedy night and laugh your heart out!
  4. Buy tickets to the theater. Whether it’s Broadway in Chicago (one of our favorite things to do!!) or a local venue, a show or musical can be very entertaining!
  5. Book a couples massage!! One of our favorite ways to relax is getting a massage together then grabbing a nap afterwards! 🙂 (At home of course!!)
  6. Attend a festival. There’s always new foods to try and interesting music playing!
  7. Visit a local winery for wine tasting or a bar for beer tasting. Act like a connoisseur and judge each drink like a professional!
  8. Get your inner kid on and go to a local arcade for pizza and games!
  9. Rent some shoes and go bowling or if it’s nice out go putt putting. Bowling and putt putt takes my husband and I back to our high school days!
  10. Spend all day in your pjs and watch movies or binge watch some shows. Make a comfy spot in front of the tv and get your cuddle on!

And now it’s time to plan something fun and enjoy each other!!

Do you have any favorite date night ideas? Are you going to try one of these? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Much love,

Chef Charley


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