Love Your Spouse

Take a Trip!

My husband and I have always loved to travel together. When we got married we planned an anniversary trip each year, and did a few random mini trips in between. My husband is not a big fan a flying, so we’ve stuck to just the USA. But y’all there is so much to see and experience in the wonderful U.S. Of A! Our bigger trips have been to Disney World, Orange Beach, Las Vegas (twice!), San Francisco, Yosemite, Houston / San Antonio, and most recently Gatlinburg. Our smaller trips have included Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis, Tunica, Quad Cities, and St. Louis (We live in the lovely Midwest!)

We now have two little kiddos at home so it makes traveling a bit harder. We’ve recently decided that no matter what, we are going to get away just the two of us for two or three days each years. It may not be super crazy or far, but all that matters to us is that we take the time for the two of us and our relationship. This year we’ll be heading to St. Louis for an over night trip!

When my husband and I travel together it’s not just about experiencing new things, it’s about getting to know more about the person we fell in love with. When it’s just the two of us its deeper than the, “How was your day dear?” question we asked daily. It is so nice to not worry about the day to day things like oil changes and paying bills.  We also come back refreshed and ready to conquer our simple yet hectic life with two little ones.

If you and your significant other can get away just the two of you, even for one night, it makes all the difference. I know I feel appreciated more! Try it, if you haven’t. You will be amazed!


Here’s some of my favorite photos from all our trips!



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