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Day Dates and Cubbies

Day dates are one of my favorite things to do in this stage of our lives. We have little ones, so it’s nice to be home to put them to bed. Plus it means that our old butts can be in bed at a decent hour to get up with our early risers the next day (the days of late nights are mostly past us!) 🙂

Last month we did a day date in town. It was a fun filled day of sharing hot fudge sundae shakes, couples massage, bookstore trip, and a movie with lots and lots of popcorn! We were able to get home right after the kiddos ate dinner, which was super nice because it meant the last hour before bedtime we could just focus on time with them!

This month we took a day trip to Chicago for a Cubs game! It just so happened to work out that my husband’s work sent him to the game in the box seats at Wrigley – score! 🙂 I didn’t have to worry about the crazy Illinois weather knowing we were lucky enough to sit in a box!

I was never into baseball until I met my husband… and even then I didn’t get into the games until a few years after our marriage. Sure I’d sit and watch a game on tv (while reading a novel!) But now, there’s something about baseball that I truly enjoy; especially if we go to the actual game. The atmosphere is so much fun … and the food !! Plus there’s the whole thing of the Cubbies finally winning a World Series – that was a big night in our house. My hubby is a true diehard fan … has been since the day he was born! We love rooting on the Cubbies, and try to make it to at least one game a year.

The day turned out to be quite beautiful for a baseball game! We were able to sit in the bleachers for part of the game, and the box seats were nice as well with great views. We had as much food and beer as we wanted – hotdogs are a must at a baseball game! 🙂 The Cubbies won … it was the perfect day date. We enjoyed ourselves and the quality time during our 2.5 hour drive into and out of Chitown, but we could have done without the crazy traffic that Friday’s bring! 😉

I also met one of the board members from my husband’s work and his wife. They were both extremely nice, and his wife and I were able to talk about our kids and travel. She even gave me some ideas for our 10 year anniversary trip I’ve been planning for next year involving Cape Cod and food! Meeting them was such a nice bonus to an already wonderful day!

What are some day dates you’ve done? I’d love to hear about them!

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