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The True Meaning of Memorial Day

This past Monday was Memorial Day. A lot of people have cookouts and get-togethers to celebrate the American holiday. People often use the holiday to mark the beginning of summer. It is the start of the summer, and it is a good day to celebrate as people are off of work. I don’t know if many people know the true meaning, though.

Memorial Day is a day observed to remember those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country and freedom. They are the ones that are no longer with us. As a kid I knew it was a holiday to celebrate soldiers and freedom, but not necessarily the fallen ones. It’s sad to think about the families that have lost loved ones that have fought for others’ freedom. Both my grandpa’s served, but neither lost their lives while doing so. Men and women are so very brave putting their lives on the line for our country and some pay the ultimate price. That’s why we remember them on Memorial Day. Although I’ve never lost anyone in war, my heart breaks for those who have. This day must be hard for them. It’s a day to remember and honor their own loved ones.

We spent this Memorial Day taking our daughters to a parade honoring the fallen, and then spent the evening with family. We decided to pack a picnic and have the little cousins play together. This was our way of cherishing our loved ones. We even ended the day with our 4 year old that included a prayer for all the families affected by Memorial Day. (We didn’t go too in depth as she is only 4, but we did make sure to include them.)

We didn’t have someone specific to honor on this Memorial Day. But I’d like to think that we honored the fallen in a way we could. The fallen soldiers died fighting for the rights and freedoms of our country. It is because of them that we can pack up a picnic and spend it together as a family. It is because of them that we get to live. Thank you to every one who has served. Thank you to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. And thank you to the families that are left remembering their loved ones.

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