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Family photos

Do you take yearly family photos? In our family we take them at least once a year, sometimes twice. I’m pretty lucky, though, because I’m a photographer and so is my sister in law, so we can take them pretty much any time we want! My husband loves me oh so very much because of it! Even before we took yearly family photos, I ALWAYS had to capture any and every moment we had. Kids grow and change so much the first few years of their lives that it’s nice to take them a couple times a year. When they get a bit older just once a year will be a okay with me.

I love having updated family photos as well as ones to look back on. Often times, I’m the one behind the camera so this is usually one of the only times I’m in them. (Unless it’s the fun selfies my daughters are already fans of! LOL) Making memories and capturing them is seriously my favorite thing. Taking the time with family is the best. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You can just take 30 minutes to do it. OR you can make it as fun, creative, and crazy as you want. I’ve done theme shoots for couples and families such as colored paint wars and snowing ones, and this summer I’m doing a carnival/fair one. I love it when families do fun things together because then you capture the every day fun moments as well as a nice photo.

On Memorial Day this year we had a cousin’s picnic and before we ate, we got in a quick family photo shoot. It’s also nice to grab a grandkid picture for grandparents when we’re all together! 🙂 It was hot, but we knew what we were doing and made it quick! Then the kiddos got to play together and enjoy a picnic. We turned it into a fun little get together.

Much Love,

Chef Charley


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