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5 Ways to De-stress

Mental health is a major topic in our world today. It’s important to take care of yourself to be the healthiest version of you. Life can get stressful for anybody. Everyone should have some way to relieve stress. I thought I’d share my 5 favorite things I do to help destress. 

  1. Yoga: For years I thought yoga was something silly. I could never relax doing it and always felt I looked silly…. UNTIL I had kids and started running. The first time I did yoga for real, I cried y’all! It was so relaxing. Now anytime I feel stressed, I find 30 minutes to myself, turn off all the lights, and do yoga. It’s a life changer!
  2. Running: I was never a big fan of running as a kid. In college I liked to run for a bit whenever I was mad or upset. It was a way to relieve that negative energy. Now, I actually enjoy waking up with the sun and starting my day with a 2 -3 mile run 3 days a week. It makes me feel better about myself when I do.
  3. Bubble bath & soft music: This one is easy to do. Put the kids down, run a bubble bath, light some candles, and play some soft music. After an hour spent in a hot soak you’ll feel like a brand new person! Don’t forget scented lotion for afterwards as well. Laying in my bed after a long hot bath is the best way to fall asleep!
  4. Crazy Dance Party: I have always done this (even before Meredith Grey started having them on Grey’s Anatomy!) Just crank up some good vibe music and let loose! 20 minutes in you’ll feel fantastic! Or you could go for a drive with the windows down and the music up for 20 minutes as well. Music seriously is a major part of my life. A song can bring out an emotion. I fee the words .. it can be quite therapeutic!
  5. Cleaning: … Yes, you read that right. I seriously love to clean. You get a workout in all while checking items off your to do list. Plus, your house looks amazing afterwards. It’s a win win all around. It’s quite hard to keep a clean house when you have two tornadoes living in it! Sometimes it’s nice to send the kiddos to a play date or off to grandma’s for a couple hours so you can get your clean on! I seriously feel a sense of calm after a couple hours of cleaning!

What are some things you do that help you destress from life? I’d love to hear them in the comments!!

Much love,

Chef Charley



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