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My Honest Review of July’s Date Night In Box: Aloha themed

First of all let me just say y’all, if you’ve never heard of Date Night In Box … it’s about to change your life! Lol .. but seriously! You all know how much I love date nights and how important it is to be connected to your significant other. Life can sometimes get crazy with kids and work. This company makes it seriously so easy and FUN!

We were so excited to receive the first box. The box itself is decorated to give you an idea of what the theme of the date night is; this one had “Aloha” written on it with pineapples and flowers. Obviously I thought something Hawaiian … and I was right! We had so much fun opening it and reading about what was all included.

In every box there’s a packet full in ideas, directions, and other information called the Date Night In Guide. It’s good to take a minute or two to read through it to see all the fun things they have planned and other ideas they give you. This month’s date night box included the following: lei, two tropical straws and cups, two mixology drink mixes, Konane board game and pieces, two bingo cards and call out numbers, “Lei it on me” notepad, Hawaiian sweet Maui onion kettle style potato chips, 2 pencils, and a beautiful smelling candle.

In the guide there was a complete dinner menu (including dessert!) to go along with the theme. (I have a feeling they do that in every box, which is awesome! You don’t even have to take the time to search for recipes for dinner that night!) We didn’t make the meal in the guide as we had a Vacation Bible School program for our kids, so I had to make something quick and easy. I did stick to the theme though, and I made BBQ pork nachos with pineapple. YUM!

When we got home after VBS and put the kiddos to bed, it was so nice that everything was all set and ready to go. (I had already cut out the pieces for bingo and opened anything that we needed during the day.) I lit the candle, which it really did make it smell like a tropical island, and mixed the drinks up. Y’all … mine was sooooo good! I had the coconut mojito and my hubby had the margarita drink. To be honest, the margarita drink wasn’t that good, but my hubby didn’t mind because he doesn’t really drink anyway. I, however, sipped on mine the entire date night! I also turned on some music on my phone. In the guide it told you they had a link to an ALREADY MADE music playlist. It was PERFECT!!

We then played the ‘Lei It On Me’ game. I LOVED this game! We each had 6 cards with questions to fill out for each of us to guess. If we got it wrong, there was a place on the question card for each of us to write something they’d want us to do. For example, I got 4 wrong (I really thought I knew my hubby!! LOL) so I had to give my hubby a massage, let him pick the next movie we watch, let him sleep in one morning, and make his favorite taco salad for dinner one night! He got two wrong so he had to do a booty shake for me and buy me a slice of my favorite cake, Tres Leches ,from the yummy bakery in our town. It was quite fun, and helped conversation along without even realizing it – it made us talk about a vacation idea that I thought my hubby would never go for !! 🙂

We then played Aloha Bingo. We were a little confused at first as to when we do the action on the card, as the directions weren’t clear. You could do each one you put a mark on or do it just when someone got a bingo. We decided to only do the ones when one of us got a ALOHA bingo…. which I won!! 🙂 The card and spots had a lot of cute and fun things to do. The five we did were: take a couple selfie and post it, share the moment you first got butterflies for each other (y’all .. we had to think about this ….. it was 14 years ago! So, then that brought up some memories we talked about as well!!), whisper sweet nothings in each others ear (I’ll be honest .. my hubby thought this one was silly. Instead we both just said one thing sweet to each other), write ALOHA on each other’s back (which turned into 5 minutes of relaxation because that is one of my hubby’s favorite things- tickling his back.), and reveal one goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days (this one brought on even more conversation for us!!).

We didn’t get to the Konane game or the hula dance videos online (so much fun!!). We spent a little over an hour doing the two other games and were just so tired after a long week. We are going to save the game for another night though! You could easily spend the entire night doing the date night. I’d say anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. Plus if you put dinner in first, you could easily do longer.


  1. Everything was available – it is so convenient! 
  2. You didn’t need to plan anything.
  3. It was a unique date night (not the normal dinner and movie).
  4. It brought on great conversations.
  5. You can spend as long as you want on the date night.


(There were only two y’all, and they weren’t really that bad!)

  1. The sweet onion chips aren’t the greatest thing for your breath on date night. Kissing may not be the greatest if you eat them! LOL
  2. The directions weren’t the best on the bingo game. BUT like I said, I think you could play it either way. We just went with what we wanted to do.

All in all guys this is such a great resource to have. I love planning our dates, and I often like to do themes. For people who’s lives get crazy busy, and you don’t have the time to plan out all the details, this is definitely worth trying! They made everything so easy. It was all in the little box, and there were extra resources on their website to go along with the theme. We had such a great time doing something that wasn’t just movies at home. We actually talked about things and learned a few new things about each other… this is hard to do since we’ve been together for 14 years! LOL. We definitely felt closer to one another after it. I think the conversations were super nice to have. We really did enjoy the theme and each other.

You can check out their website and more information on date night in box here. I personally can’t wait for next month’s date night in box!!!

Much love,

Chef Charley


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