9 Years of Marriage
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9 Years of Marriage <3

My hubby and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage today .. almost a total of 14 years! We are 3 years short of spending half of our lives together! Y’all that’s crazy to think !! We’ve owned two houses, had two beautiful girls, supported each other in job changes (so thankful for my hubby’s job now and the fact that I’m able to stay home with our girls), lost family members, and dealt with some obstacles along the way. We have had countless adventures and have gotten to experience life together. We were babies starting our relationship … and in the years we’ve grown together.

Our vows we said could never be more true. For better, for worse … we’ve seen both. For richer, for poorer … starting out we didn’t have much! In sickness and health … we’ve had some sickness. We’ve dealt with it all … together! For marriage to work, these vows have to mean something. And the last one … Babe, I meant it when I said until death do us part. You are stuck with me until I leave this Earth. <3

Sweetheart, my favorite thing to do is make memories with you. I’m so thankful and blessed to have built this beautiful life together. We balance each other out .. I’m the planner, your the directions guy. I cook, you enjoy ;). You find the humor in situations while I freak out. We both, however, are passionate and are both great at pushing each others buttons .. but that’s okay. You’re the only one I want doing that. 🙂

I love the man you are and who you continue to be. Thank you for loving me (and our sweet, yet sometimes full of attitude, little girls), for always making me laugh, and for reminding me to just breathe; everything will be ok. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to experience life with. I love you to the moon and back, forever and always.

And here’s a walk down memory lane ….. <3

Where it all started …

Adding an addition to the family …
Such a special day …

Adding a second addition to the family …

So many adventures …

Much love <3


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