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The Look of Love

I’m not sure if you all know that I photograph weddings occasionally (Life by Charley Danielle). I actually photograph families and babies as well, but there’s something about weddings that make them my favorite to photograph. Maybe it’s because I like capturing such a special day and letting a couple relive their moments through the story my photos tell. It could also be that they make me think of my own wedding day or that I’m a helpless romantic. Regardless, they are my favorite! It’s such a beautiful thing to see, the look of love between two people… and sometimes it’s more evident than others.

This past July I photographed a beautiful couple and friends of ours. Actually the bride was an 8th grade student my first year teaching, and most of her bridesmaids were previous students of mine. I thought it’d be awkward as ever, but it was a blast. My husband works with the groom, and we’ve actually had some games nights. The first time I drank with someone who was a student when I taught was a little … odd. BUT I soon got over that and had a blast. The bride and I are actually quite a bit a like, so game nights are fun! Also, our oldest daughter is obsessed with the groom; so much so that she had to come out for photos just to see him looking handsome and her looking like a princess! She even thinks they come over for dinner and game night just for her, to which they actually do play games with her before her bed time.

But back to their beautiful wedding day, and the whole point of this blog post. I’ve photographed several weddings over the past years that have been wonderful. I’ve cried at some, I’ve laughed at some, I’ve even ended up dancing with the wedding party at the end of the night at a couple, but this one .. this one is my ultimate favorite so far. Maybe it’s because I know them, or maybe it’s because you literally just have to look at them and know they are completely and utterly in love with one another. This wedding, the look of love was so very evident. It was … simply beautiful.

They’ve been together since the bride was 14, and you could just tell how proud the groom was to finally have her as his wife. Their private meeting before the wedding was so sweet and special. He was speechless almost and blown away by how beautiful she was. She couldn’t stop smiling at him, and every single time he said something remotely funny she laughed. She was so laid back, and at ease with everything. She constantly looked at him throughout the day, and never appeared to have any worries or stress that day. She literally only had eyes for him.

The look he had when she came down the isle was just so beautiful and sweet. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and not in a creepy way y’all. He was constantly grabbing her hands to hold and smiling at her. My cheeks hurt so bad at the end of the day just because watching them made me so happy! And although the day was filled with beautiful, sweet, and funny moments, my favorite was their first kiss. Usually my favorite part of the day is the first look the groom gets of the bride. Now, that one was super sweet as well, but y’all the groom was so eager to kiss his bride that the pastor hadn’t even finished saying “You may now kiss you bride”! The groom grabbed the brides face and kissed her oh so sweetly, and the bride, smiling, pulled him closer and let him! It was THE perfect first kiss I’ve ever seen!

Marry someone who constantly looks at you, and when they do look they can’t help but smile. Marry someone who makes you constantly laugh. Marry someone who can’t wait to kiss you. Marry someone who can’t wait to call you their wife / husband. Marry someone who gives you the look of love. The wedding day is just that, a day; marriage is the rest of your life. Marry someone who understands you, and loves you for you. Marry someone you can handle problems with. Marry someone who you see yourself growing old and gray with. Because marriage is forever.

I had to share some of their beautiful moments from their day. Their photos make me smile every time I see them!

Their first look
The look of pure happiness
They have a tradition that started back in high school with dance photos of always doing something awkward to each other. We had to recreate 🙂
Laughter … so much of it on their day
Such sweetness
So much love
The look of love

That look …. So sweet
The best first kiss ever
So happy!
Mr. & Mrs.

Love and laughter… forever after
I mean y’all can they be any sweeter?!

Wrapped up in their own little world
And of course here’s a traditional one


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