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Date Night In Box: Dream Together

If you want to try out Date Night In Box click here ! It’s totally worth a try, and will help make your relationship stronger!!! 🙂

This was our second Date Night In Box, and we had fun once again! We thought this month would finally slow down, but it’s still been just as busy. Plus our kiddos are once again sick!!! BUT a plus side for the kiddos being sick is they were in bed before 6:30 so we actually had a decent amount of time for this date night … before passing out in bed by 9pm!

In this date night in box, there was of course the information packet guide with awesome dinner and dessert recipes as well as talking points for dinner. This month we didn’t do the dinner because A.) honestly my hubby wouldn’t have liked the menu (he’s picky – but I would have loved it! Lol) and B.) we ordered pizza because the kiddos were sick! Priorities right?! I love that they give you a preset menu so you don’t have to come up with anything yourself! They also included a yummy scented candle to set the mood, (t seriously smelled amazing!) as well as a link to an already made music play list. However, my log in wasn’t working, and I couldn’t get to the play list. So I just played some sweet music from my computer.

Our favorite part of the evening was the dream lists. We sat down and made our own individual short term and long term goals / dreams. After we wrote them down, we shared with each other. Some we knew, and we were surprised to find that there were a few we didn’t. It was such a wonderful way to communicate and discuss life even more in depth. Once we had our own dreams down, we were able to make up our dream list together for the rest of our lives.

Working and discussing it together made us feel so much closer, and we got a new understanding of one another (if that makes sense!) You see, I’m the planner. I plan everything we do from the vacations we go on to the simple meals we eat each day. I’m the crazy lady that has our whole future planned out, with destinations and vacations picked until our girls are off at college. Lol. I know what I want, and I’m a dreamer. My husband is not. He has always let me plan things because he knows A) I enjoy it, and B) he trusts me. This date night gave me an insight into his mind and his actual dreams. My hubby isn’t a big talker; he shares when it’s necessary. I’m the one that over shares lol. BUT this activity was amazing for me to hear his dreams of our life together. I know the major important things obviously, but this let me in to some other ideas he’s has.

After our dream list was done, we played the game they included: Dream Scattegories. They already had the lists / subjects written out. All we had to do was pick a letter, set the timer, and think of words that had to do with the specific item on the list. We had fun coming up with the ideas. Some were realistic for us and others weren’t. We also had fun guessing whether or not we meant the ideas we came up with! IE … my hubby put down for a fun family trip ‘river fishing’. My hubby is not outdoorsy lol, but it was the only thing he could think of that started with an R!

They also included some amazing tasting Beef Jerky … I was surprised by how much we really enjoyed it! At the end of the packet guide, they gave us a list of movies that went along with the theme of dreaming if we wanted to continue date night. We had seen the majority of them, and decided to skip that part as we were exhausted from taking care of sick kiddos. The other thing we did not do that was included in this box was the dream catcher craft. They wanted us to make a dream catcher to catch our dreams we came up with. A) My hubby doesn’t do crafts; never has and B) I’m not going to lie we thought it was a bit corny and not for us. So we skipped that part. I plan on doing it with my four year old and talking about dreams with her for a little lesson.

Overall, this was a wonderful little date night to have. Even though we were tired, it allowed us to make time for one another and connect on a deeper level. The conversations we had about our dreams over our new love of beef jerky was the best part. We are actually looking forward to the next date night in box already!

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Much Love,

Chef Charley

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