Love Yourself

Love Your Body

This past week I had a girls night out. I honestly couldn’t decide on what to wear … first world problems I know! But you see, I’ve been struggling with my body lately. I’ve noticed it doesn’t look the same as it did 6 months ago. My arms were thinner and my stomach was flatter. But at that time I had been consistently working out every day and eating like zero sugar! Lol I have backed off of working out for personal reasons (BUT am starting it back up ever so slowly! I’m also starting to watch my sugar intake again.) I’ve recently started taking an anti anxiety / depression medication (that’s a whole other story / post I’ll be sharing when I’m ready), but my doctor said that taking them can cause weight gain…. and it has just a bit.

So, my confidence has taken a hit a bit lately. BUT I finally decided that no, I’m not going to let it! My body is amazing. I repeat my body is amazing! It brought two beautiful babes into this world. Every extra jiggle, stretch mark, and scar I have means that I have two beautiful blessings to love. Again, I repeat, my body is amazing! It may not be in the best shape it has been, but it’s still beautiful. My husband just told me the other day that I’m the sexiest I’ve ever been … out of the blue y’all. So I’m going to run with that! 😉

I decided to wear this outfit that shows off basically every curve I have. And when I put it on, I thought I was going to feel fat… but I didn’t. I felt pretty and confident. I know my body is bigger than some. I have amazing curves – that I seriously love! I’m learning to embrace them all. I decided that I looked beautiful, and it didn’t matter what anyone else would think.

So many people worry about what others think. So many people lose their confidence. BUT y’all. I’m here to tell you to listen to YOU; no one else. Okay maybe your girlfriends who encourage you because they see you in a way you don’t. Or your boyfriend or hubby that seriously sees you in a different light than you do as well. If you feel good about yourself, embrace it. Be bold; be beautiful; be you! And if you don’t feel good, find something that will and surround yourself with it until you get there.

My daughter snapped this photo of me because, and I quote, “Mommy, you look so beautiful! I have to take your picture!” Of course it’s the sweetest thing to hear, but my reaction was to laugh and stick my tongue out because she’s 4. BUT y’all… Our kids, our spouse, our friends, they see us in a way we don’t see ourselves. My daughter truly thought I was pretty.

Much love,

Chef Charley


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