Love Your Spouse

It’s the Little Things

The other day my husband came home and surprised me. It wasn’t anything crazy or big, and it literally was free. BUT HE THOUGHT OF ME … and it was very evident that he had. You see he brought home a book from me. He had gone to the local radio station to do an ad for work that day. They had a table of books they were giving away for free. He knows I love reading, and took the time to look for one he thought I might like.

My sweet hubby came home and I quote said, “So, I got you something, but I don’t know if you’ll like it. I don’t even know if it’s something you’ll enjoy reading or if it’s good, but I got it anyway.” That for some reason really stuck with me. It made me think…. he was so thoughtful, but wasn’t confident in the fact that I would appreciate it. It didn’t matter if he brought me home a nonfiction book about building boats; I would have loved it because I knew I crossed his mind. He took the time out of his busy day to think of me. Thankfully, my hubby does know me a little bit after 14 years and picked the genre I enjoy the most. And that night I just looked at my hubby so … touched that he thought of me in his crazy hectic busy day.

Before kids came along we used to do so many little things for one another. I’d place little notes around that he’d find, bake him his favorite desserts, or cook his favorite meal. He would send me random small bouquets of my favorite flowers, buy me my favorite candy, or even do the dishes because he knew I didn’t like to! We still do some things for each other; just not as often. Most recently (besides the wonderful book I have to read now) he brought me home my favorite dessert from the bakery in town knowing I had a long day with the kiddos.  One thing I did for him recently wasn’t some grand gesture either. He had gone to the last Cubs playoff game and didn’t get home until 2am. Knowing he had to work the next day at 7, I got his outfit laid out (tie and all), his breakfast set up for the morning, and everything gathered for work for him. Neither was anything much, but both showed we thought of each other. And we were so appreciative of each other afterwards.

In relationships it is so important to do the little things; the thoughtful things. It honestly doesn’t matter what it is. We all love knowing that our loved one just thought of us. We also love knowing that the things we do are appreciated. A simple thank you or words of gratitude go a long way. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together; this is something I feel is important to do constantly.. just like date nights. You’ll be amazed at what it does for your relationship. It’s the little things that mean the most.. Those little things are what show you the constant love from each other. Never lose that.

Some ideas for little things:

  • send a sweet text
  • put a note somewhere they’ll find it
  • pick up their favorite treat
  • make their favorite meal
  • do one of their chores
  • bring home a drink or treat they like
  • let them nap while you take the kids somewhere
  • let them sleep in
  • give them a compliment
  • notice a hair cut or new outfit
  • thank them for making dinner or fixing the broken chair (or whatever it may be)
  • make him a cup of coffee
  • hug her a little extra long
  • dance with her in the kitchen
  • give them a back rub
  • provide encouragement when they show interest in something new

What are some of the little things you do for your loved one? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Much love,

Chef Charley

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