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Faith Night In November Box: Give Thanks

Partnering with Night In Boxes has been so fun for the past few months, and this month was no different! Life has been a bit crazy, but on my birthday we sat down for a couple of hours of fun! AND this box may just be my absolute favorite so far, just for the theme!

We were able to go out for my birthday dinner, so we didn’t do the actual meal planned. BUT we saved one activity, homemade ice cream, for our dessert during our date! We were able to enjoy it during our Faith Discussion guide. This is the second month we’ve tried the Faith in Box, and we absolutely love it. We are able to bring God into our dates and strengthen our relationship with Him. It really is a wonderful part of our date. It just might be our favorite part now.

Each month has a theme. This month’s theme was based around giving thanks. One of the activities was to fill out some post its that started with “Thank you for …” We filled them in in regards to each other, and then read them to one another. It was quite sweet to hear from each other and to show one another true appreciation. We then used the plastic photo frame given in the box and set up a ‘Thank You’ display to use throughout the week. It’s pretty sweet to randomly look at it and see something new we’re thankful for…. And it makes us think of each other throughout the days. It’s pretty thoughtful!

After writing thankful items, we played a fun game. We are all about games, and it seems like each month there is at least one game we can play together. We get pretty competitive! It’s always fun to see who wins on date night…. He won this time! LOL …. I don’t like admitting that!!!!

This theme box actually went along with what I was doing for my birthday, spreading 32 acts of kindness. Before we went for my birthday dinner, I had taken a look at the date night box and found a book in the box. The book was a kids book of LOVE written like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. In it there was a note that said we were supposed to leave this book a child to find. It was in honor of Tripp Halstead, a sweet, young child who lost his life 5 years after a tree limb fell on him giving him a severe brain injury. You can read about his story here. We decided to leave it in a place where families and small children spent time after we went for dinner. It was spreading kindness and love, which is exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday.

We really do enjoy these wonderful date nights. They help strengthen our relationship each month, and it’s super nice that everything is included. If you’ve seen my posts before and thought about giving it a try, this month is the perfect time to do so. For December’s box they are doing a special of 15% off if you use the code NIBWINTER. It’s PERFECT for Christmas gifts!!!! Hint hint spouses!! 🙂 You can order one here! And here is what your box will look like if you get December’s box!

Much love,

Chef Charley



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