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Why I Started Using Plexus Products

I have ALWAYS had an abundance of energy. My friends have referred to me as the energize bunny on several occasions. When I was pregnant with my two littles I got a natural ‘high’ off of scrubbing floors on my hands and knees … yeah, I was that crazy, energetic lady. So, when my energy dropped drastically after a small bout of depression I was at a loss. I had no idea why I needed a nap every . single . day to make it to the evening. I was so confused.

My poor body and the chemicals in them were so out of whack due to my depression. Thankfully I sought help with my doctor, and I started medication…. but I hated that I needed it. Plus the side affects weren’t what I wanted either … I mean who does?! My goal has been since day one of my depression and anxiety to heal myself so I wouldn’t need the medication. My husband has taken anxiety meds for years. I see no problem for people to take it, I just prefer doing it naturally. Obviously all the natural things I was trying wasn’t working so that’s why I started meds.

Flash forward a couple of months. I had joined Instagram and met an amazing person through there that did Plexus. Hearing all the amazing things she was saying made me want to try it. … again, I was trying everything to be naturally healthy and get back to me. My mother in law who had been mentioning Plexus to me off and on for the last 3 years finally was able to convince me to try it (I finally did some research of my own after hearing all the amazing things on Instagram!) I was also always hesitant with my mother in law because I never needed the energy and I had a healthy lifestyle.

You guyssssss … even if you have a healthy lifestyle, this product is amazing. It is all about gut health. There are so many health issues that are related to your gut. Even if you eat decently and exercise, if you don’t take care of your gut you won’t be as healthy as you want. The more I read about the Plexus products the more it all made sense to totally jump in. It is a natural way to let your insides be healthy… their products are safe and plant based.

I take the magical pink drink – a prebiotic fiber drink that helps in balancing blood sugar, hormones, and gut bacteria. It also is great in improving energy and your mood. I mentioned before that when my depression came, and even after taking medication for it, my energy was depleted. I needed a nap every day. Y’all … two weeks after drinking this amazing drink every day, I have not taken nor needed a nap to make it through the day!!!! (And that is also with giving up coffee / caffeine!!!!) I seriously swear by this drink because it has given me my energy back. I am still truly amazed at how well this natural product works!

I also take the probiotic and the bio cleanse. The probiotic helps rid your body of bad bacteria and toxins. It promotes good bacteria balance and helps you feel less fatigued and bloated. The bio cleanse helps regulate your body while getting rid of the toxins the probiotic borke down. It also improves your digestion.  … and yes no body likes to talk about poop, but being regular is super important because your body has gross toxins that build up and make your insides icky. These two products helps gently cleanse your insides!

The last thing I am currently taking right now is the VitalBiome probiotic. This amazing probiotic promotes positive moods. I started taking this so I can stop taking my depression medication. ….. and I haven’t taken mine in 3 weeks and still feel amazing!!! This product reduces anxiety and stress while also boosting your immune and digestive system. 70% of you immune cells live in your gut .. and 90% of you body’s serotonin is produced in your gut. The serotonin levels are what helps your moods. These probiotics will help naturally!

It’s pretty amazing what can happen if you gut is truly healthy! There are so many benefits from a healthy gut. If you are interested in making some healthy changes like I did, I’d love to share more information with you. Please feel free to email me at or you can check out more here !! Right now the annual membership to become an ambassador (monthly subscription with the best prices!!!) is only $9.99 !!!  I am all about being positive and promoting amazingly safe and natural products that truly do work!

Much love,

Chef Charley

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