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Date Night In Box: December Faith Box

This month’s Date Night In Box was a winter wonderland theme! It was filled with so much fun for our evening in, and I loved that it wasn’t just Christmas themed! With all the craziness of the holidays, it was so nice to just sit down together and reconnect for a couple of hours. This month’s box was the perfect way to do just that.

First, I made these adorable treats before he got home. He’s not one to spend time in the kitchen, so I just did them so they were ready for our date night after the kiddos went to bed. They were so cute and adorable and the perfect sweet snack! While enjoying our snack, we enjoyed the table talk points they give you for dinner time. We have yet to make dinner part of ours because of our kiddos, so we like to work them in some how in our date!

We then played one of our favorite games so far with this box – Headbands Game. We seriously laughed quite a bit with this game! We had to guess the card on each others head by asking random questions. We’ve seen a game like this on the show Hollywood Game Night, and we have always loved it on there. It was so fun to play our own version at home!!

After a little fun, we were going to create the string art activity they planned for us. However, using the hammer after the kiddos are in bed in our small house … where you can hear everything wasn’t the best idea. So we decided to save that for an afternoon activity at a later day simply because we didn’t want to wake up our kiddos. Instead, we went on to the next activity, creating a sentimental gift.

The sentimental gift they had use create was a special letter to each other. The creation behind it was a sweet personal story from the founder of Date Night In Box. Her husband one year wrote her a sweet letter as a Christmas gift, and it was one of her favorite gifts. She packs it away with the holiday decorations and takes it out every year. What a sweet reminder of love!! So in our box, we had a sheet of paper to write each other a letter. We decided to randomly give it to each other when we least expected it. (I put mine in his wallet the next day for him to find it.) 🙂

We did the Faith box option again this month. This is still our favorite part. It came with a discussion guide that we read through together and ended with a prayer. It was a wonderful way to feel even more connected to each other and to God. If you don’t do the Faith option they give you a regular discussion guide that is great, too.

Since we didn’t do the craft that came with it we had a little extra time so we decided to watch one of the movies off of the list they gave us, Love Actually. We actually watch this every year and hadn’t found time yet. So this was the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch and watch it for a good laugh.

This was another wonderful date night in. We enjoyed reconnecting at home after a crazy busy holiday season. We look forward to next month’s date night in box!! If you are interested in having your own date night in box, you can check it out here!

Much love,

Chef Charley

This is that amazing smell I was smelling when the box came in the mail! Yum!!
So excited for our time!
The Faith portion of the date
Seriously how cute are these?!? And tasty, too!

Y’all .. so much fun!


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