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    The Unexpected Blessing That Came From Becoming a Mom

    Y’all … Yesterday I posted about being an unexpected friend. And low and behold something unexpected happened to me .. again. My girls and I attended our weekly mommy group yesterday morning, and one of the moms was so terribly sweet and thoughtful that she got all of us mother’s day gifts. I mean seriously, it was the sweetest thing ever. This group of moms has been such a blessing to my life. We get to get together, sip coffee, talk about adult things .. or kid things, and watch our little ones play together. My friendships with these ladies have grown over the years, and without having our little…

  • Love Your Friends

    Be the Unexpected Friend

    Have you ever just had one of those weeks (or months!) where things are crazy hectic, the kids are sick, you have a million and one things to get done, and are just kind of blah? Well I have .. and recently. My two little girls have been sick off and on since December … it’s been a rough couple of months at our house! The girls had finally been feeling better, but then we got hit again over Easter! When our girls are sick (especially our two year old) she constantly wants to be held and have me next to her, which means the household chores and every day…