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  • Love Your Spouse

    It’s the Little Things

    The other day my husband came home and surprised me. It wasn’t anything crazy or big, and it literally was free. BUT HE THOUGHT OF ME … and it was very evident that he had. You see he brought home a book from me. He had gone to the local radio station to do an ad for work that day. They had a table of books they were giving away for free. He knows I love reading, and took the time to look for one he thought I might like. My sweet hubby came home and I quote said, “So, I got you something, but I don’t know if you’ll…

  • Love Your Family,  Love Your Friends,  Love Yourself

    Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen Review

    One of my friends from my mom group recently published her own book…. I mean how cool is that?! The author, Tabitha, or Tab as I call her, is a sweet person with a big heart. Unbeknownst to many people, myself included, we did not know that she struggled so much during her high school years. She has always been an anxious person, and her adolescent years weren’t the best for her. People who knew her in high school had no clue what she was experiencing on the inside. Her book, Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen: Reflections on Parenting Teenage Girls from a Teenage Survivor, is from her perspective…

  • Love Your Friends

    Long Distance Friendships: 10 Ways to Keep Connected

    Who out there has friends who live far away? Where you can’t just jump in the car and meet them at the nearest Starbucks to catch up? After school, life happens, you move away or your friend moves away and gone are the days where catching up on a daily basis over drinks or movie nights happen.  It’s hard to adjust to changes and finding ways to still have your friendship intact may be a challenge. We can’t all have magical pants to share in the mail to keep us all close! LOL – who else out there loves the Traveling Pants of the Sisterhood?! A simple phone call or note…