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    A Night in Indy

    At the beginning of the summer I asked my hubby to think of one thing he would really want to do. Basically I told him to think of his ultimate dream date … within reason. I’m sure we’d all love to be whisked away to Italy for a romantic date night, but that’s not possible for us. LOL. I had to come up with mine as well. (I’ll be sharing that one later!!) He actually surprised me with his; he wanted a night away to Indianapolis! The two main reasons for Indy: 1. It has Howl at the Moon (my hubby’s all time favorite place for a fun night out!)…

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    Our Family Staycation

    I’ve said it before, family vacations are important! And if you can’t getaway somewhere a great alternative is to have a staycation. A staycation is where you do things in your community or things that are near you. We did one this summer, and well, it didn’t go quite according to plan, but it was still fun. The girls LOVED having their Daddy home for a whole week! And honestly, it didn’t matter if we went somewhere they were seriously happy to get some quality time in with him and us. We had plan on an activity each day with the kiddos. We planned it the week of Labor Day.…

  • Love Your Family,  Love Your Travel

    Family Vacations and Why They’re Important

    Speaking to one of my friends from mom group a while back, she had took 3 kids to the Dells by herself for a few days. Just to get away and have some fun. She said it was the most amazing thing! To just be able to enjoy them and not worry about anything else but enjoying the moment. And it is so true. As much as I’d like to spend all day every day enjoying my kiddos, at home there are other responsibilities waiting to be done. That’s why I think it’s so important to get away as a family! It made me think of our last family vacation.…