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The Unexpected Blessing That Came From Becoming a Mom

Y’all … Yesterday I posted about being an unexpected friend. And low and behold something unexpected happened to me .. again. My girls and I attended our weekly mommy group yesterday morning, and one of the moms was so terribly sweet and thoughtful that she got all of us mother’s day gifts. I mean seriously, it was the sweetest thing ever.

This group of moms has been such a blessing to my life. We get to get together, sip coffee, talk about adult things .. or kid things, and watch our little ones play together. My friendships with these ladies have grown over the years, and without having our little girls I never would have gotten to know some of them.

We as moms need a place to go where we can be ourselves. If we are having a bad day .. bad week, we know it’s okay. I’ll admit, I’ve lost it a few times in front of these ladies. Motherhood can be crazy stressful. Life in general is stressful. So many times I read about how moms judge other moms for things they choose to do. We should be building each other up. We should be positive. If you want to give your child a vegan meal, do it. If you want to feed them a poptart, do it. You are taking care of your child the way that works for you. You don’t need to have the perfect Pinterest birthday parties or attend every single activity available for your child. It’s okay to do that too, though. Just know that it’s okay if you don’t. No one is perfect. And let’s get real a second. All those Facebook posts and Instagram shots… we only post the good things. People don’t see the many tantrums or messes or craziness we deal with on a daily basis. My point being again .. no one is perfect.

Any time I have questions about, well anything, I can ask my group of mom friends. I love being able to be open and honest because let’s face it life can be messy at times. We all need some friends to lean on. People we can turn to for advice or comfort. And someone in our group is bound to have an answer… and if they don’t they are amazing at just listening.

These ladies.. they are good for my soul. They build me up when I need lifted. I’m so thankful I am surrounded by strong, loving, supportive women who happen to be my friends all because I became a mom. I never imagined our mom group and these friendships would have come from having a child.

Yesterday was just another reminder of how blessed I am to have them in my life. It was also another reminder to be thankful for the little things in life. Thank you to my sweet mom friends .. may we always have one another to lean on in this crazy thing called motherhood.


Much love,

Chef Charley


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