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Date Night In: ‘Fancy’ Movie Night

With two little ones at home, going out is sometimes just not doable. It’s always nice when grandma and grandpa like to take them, but that’s not all the time! Our kiddos are pretty good at going to bed early, though (can I get an amen?!), and that makes it a bit easier to do! I thought I’d share one of our most recent date nights spent at home.

While my hubby was doing part of the bedtime routine, I quickly set up the mood (unbeknownst to him!) You’ll never believe, but I used our girls’ tent building toys to set this up! It made it feel a bit more special, and we got to cuddle the entire time on the floor. It took me back to our early dating years (many moons ago!)! It also made us feel secluded, and not surrounded by the millions of toys our kiddos have!

It was nice to be next to each other in such a romantic simple way. We enjoyed an adult movie (that we’d been waiting to see for forever!), drank a little, snacked a little, and cuddled lots. It was a much needed quality time kind of night!

I’ve seen fancy date nights in set up with lots of decorations. You don’t need all that for a little one on one time. I literally used a bed sheet, one string of Christmas lights, and some tent poles. I bought a cheap bottle of wine, some chocolates, and a bag of popcorn (and a m&m chocolate chip cookie I had from baking with our girls). That’s it! It was fun, relaxing, and different for us. We even left the movie tent up for our girls for a family movie the next day, which of course they loved!

Have you ever made a romantic set up for a date night in? Have you done something else that was creative for date night in? I’d love to hear them below in the comments!


Much love,

Chef Charley

The lights just really added a little something special.


Our cozy little set up.


As you can see, we were able to hide in our little ‘tent’ so we didn’t see the crazy toys and mess we usually have in our living room! πŸ™‚


I never thought laying on the floor would be this fun for 2 hours! Lol


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