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Creating Family Traditions

When I think of traditions I often think of the holidays. For instance, the day after Thanksgiving we have a tradition of listening to holiday music and sipping hot chocolate while decorating the Christmas tree. My husband and I also have a tradition of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas night. However, a tradition doesn’t have to be on a holiday. It can be any time of the year and be whatever you want it to be. I’ve read about a family that has a tradition of a “Yes” day every year where they say yes to the kids for whatever they want that specific day. For instance, they want ice cream for breakfast – yes. They want to go swimming – yes. They want to stay up late and catch fire flies – yes. (I seriously want to start this tradition with our kiddos as soon as they are old enough!)

We recently started a tradition with our two little girls – family movie night. Our youngest is a little over two and actually loves sitting and watching movies so we feel it’s the perfect time to start. Growing up every Friday night was pizza and movie night at my house. We’d rent a new movie and order or make pizza … every . Friday . night. I LOVED it. While our kids are a little young to do every Friday night right now, we decided on one Friday a month.

On our family Friday movie nights we set up the living room with blankets and pillows; our girls love the simple little pile we make to lay on! Daddy picks up Subway for an early and simple, yet yummy picnic (our girls love Subway!). In the middle of the movie after they’ve eaten their dinner, we make a big bowl of popcorn. This seems to entertain them a little more. (Our 4 year old loses attention halfway through sometimes, so this is the perfect time for popcorn!) The girls seem to really enjoy that we are all together and take turns cuddling with both Mommy and Daddy! It’s a nice way to spend some quality time with our family.

I can’t wait to start more traditions as they get older. Some on my list: special birthday wake up (my mom did this for me every year and it’s something I love and remember so well!), Chicago shopping trips, yearly theatre tickets, Christmas Eve pajama and movie tradition, and the YES day!

Traditions can be so special. There are so many that you can have with your family. Do you have any that you do already or any that you can’t wait to start?

Much love,

Chef Charley


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