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Summer Fun Schedule

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I am the type of person that thrives on schedules and plans. I’ve noticed if I don’t list out things I want to get done, I either am so lazy nothing gets done or I totally forget about it! That’s why I love schedules! Maybe it’s the teacher in me … I loved having a schedule every day with my students. I made a fall schedule for my 2 and 4 year old this past year, so I thought I’d make a summer one too. I LOVE themes, so I figured out some fun ones to go along with the days of the week.

I know it’s summer and schedules can sometimes seem crazy. However, my kiddos (especially my 4 year old) loves to know what to expect and what’s going to happen each day. My 2 year old is a wild one, and I need a schedule for my sanity.. LOL. For this summer I tried to incorporate different things each day. It’s not something we have to follow every single day; more of like a guideline. It’s something nice to have as an outline of fun for the summer! 🙂

Some other ideas: Tasty Treat Tuesdays (baking day), Thankful Thursdays (doing good acts for others), Friendly Fridays (play dates).

Do you have any other fun ideas for summer schedules? With young kiddos it’s easy to have a more laid back one. I know the older they get, the more activities they’ll have.

Much love,

Chef Charley

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