Love Your Friends

My Person …

This girl .. she gets me. She’s my person. (If you don’t know what this is from … we can’t be friends! Just kidding!) In Grey’s Anatomy the main character, Meredith, has a person who just gets her and understands her. Christina is her person. She just completely and utterly understands the crazy layers that Meredith has, and there is ZERO judgement from Christina. My person .. my Michelle .. she totally and utterly gets me… and has ZERO judgement for anything about me. She accepts me for who I am and knows my deepest, darkest secrets.

We met in high school, and became extremely close in college. As we got older and busier with our lives we didn’t see each other as often for a couple of years, but that didn’t matter. She and I have the friendship that not matter how much time has gone by we can pick up where  we left off with no problem. We’ve shared and experienced so many things in life from boy problems, school stress, marriage, and now motherhood. She’s been my sanity in adulthood!

She’s the person I can call to just cry to. She’s been my sounding board when I’ve needed to talk something through or just scream about something. She’s the one I can laugh the hardest with, and she embraces my crazy, fun side. She’s the one I text with any medical emergency with my kids (she’s an amazing nurse!), and she’s known as Aunt Michelle to my girls. She is the family I got to choose. I am beyond blessed to have her as my person. Everyone needs a person like her in their life.

Now as adults and mothers, we try hard to do something together at least once a month or so. Life gets crazy, but we try! She has started coloring my hair once a month which gives us some time to catch up! Yeah … she’s pretty amazing! This past weekend she embraced my crazy, fun side and went to a wine tasting event … even though she doesn’t like wine! It worked out pretty well for me … I basically got double the amount of wine! LOL.

The wine festival was held at a beautiful place, Meadowbrook Park. It turned out to be a beautiful evening with the sun setting and the breeze blowing. There were several wineries to choose from while a live band played. People were sprawled out on the lawn, and we totally enjoyed people watching! Some food trucks were set up as well, and let me tell you.. I wish I lived in a bigger city just for food trucks. The food was AHHHHMAZING! I loved it more than the wine- and if you know me, that’s a lot! LOL I tried their Finding Nemo order which was panko covered cod tacos with pineapple salsa and siracha mayo. The flavors .. OH MY!! So delicious… I was in Heaven! Michelle ordered a strawberry soup that we both tried as well. It was different, and quite refreshing for a hot, summer evening.

After we were done at the wine festival, we weren’t quite ready to head home. So, Michelle drove us to the mall and Target. We had a blast without kiddos. We tried on clothes and took our time. We laughed a lot … Michelle told me I looked like a robber with the hat on ….. this is why we’re friends. 🙂 There were some other crazy girls in Target while we were there saying all sorts of crazy things. I couldn’t stop laughing, and Michelle just wanted to get as far away as possible! It reminded me of our trip in college to Florida together! It was such a fun time to just enjoy and live in the moment. I truly cherish nights like these.

It’s important to cultivate friendships. The people you care about most in this world need to know you love them. Life gets crazy busy, but it shouldn’t ever be too busy for the people in your life. Even if you just have time for a quick phone call or text, let them know you care about them. And if you have a person … let them know you love them. Thank you for being my person Michelle. I love you bestie!

So excited ! We we’re amazed at how beautiful the park was!
First wine taste .. ready for some fun!

“Charley, you look like you’re going to rob someone .. you need a different color than black!” … to which I died laughing!!!

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