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Library Visits with My Oldest

This summer has been a fun one so far in the sense that my oldest is now 4 and a half and loves to do ‘big kid’ things. (Her words lol) I’ve recently started taking her to the library in town just the two of us. She gets so excited to go on Saturday mornings when Daddy stays home with her baby sister. It means that she gets quality time with just her momma, AND she gets to pick out her own books. Her love for books is one thing I passed on to her, and I’m so thankful for that.

I take her with me, and she gets to see myself browse the adult books before heading to the children’s section. I always get at least one book. I’m trying to set an example for my girls. Two of my favorite sayings are: “The more you read, the more you know,” and “If you can read this hug a teacher” … both have to do with the ability to read. The best way to teach a child or anybody is through example. Kids are always watching you, and they pick up on so much.

I’ve started reading my own book while Cadence reads some of her books. We recently had a conversation about silent reading. Cadence looked at me and asked, “Mommy, why aren’t you reading?” My reply, “I am sweetie, but I’m reading in my head so it’s quiet.” She had no idea you could even do that, and at first it didn’t make sense to her. She had quite a few questions about it. We now have time with just her and I to do silent reading, in addition to story time when I read books to them.

I love that we can share the passion for reading even at 4 years old. Trying to find something that’s special between just you and your child is a wonderful and important thing. It helps develop your relationship even more. They love doing the things you like, and often times as long as they do it with you, they don’t care what it is. You could paint their nails, take them to the park and just play, or take them fishing. Whatever it is, they’ll love because they are spending time with you!

What are somethings that you do one on one with your kids?

She was so excited and amazed by all the books in the Children’s section!

Much love,

Chef Charley

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