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Summer Bucket List

This summer is the first summer I can actually ask my 4 year old daughter what SHE wants to do. So, I thought that making a summer bucket list would be fun to do! She LOVED that I asked her what she wanted to experience this summer. She came up with most of these all by herself; I only had to prompt her a couple of times!

Making lists has always been my thing. I seriously make lists for anything and everything. Having a list is a way to help me make sure everything that I need or want to do gets done… and I feel AHHHMAZING every time I can check something off. Yes, I’m a little crazy about lists, but it makes me happy! LOL. Making a summer bucket list allows us to cover all the fun things we want to do! Summer gets so busy, it’s a good thing to have around.

Above is ours that we made. I decided to make a giant poster we can hang on our refrigerator and check off as we do something. My daughter is so excited to check off the things we do! It’s quite a bonding experience with her, and I love that she shares the love of plans with me!

Do you have certain summer bucket list items that are a must?! I know as our kiddos get older there will be more things added!!

Much Love,

Chef Charley

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