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Sometimes You GET to Be a Human Pillow

As I think about this year’s Fourth of July celebrations with two young kiddos, I feel exhausted, but extremely blessed. My husband is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in our town, and they run the annual Old Fashioned Independence Day Celebration each year, which is fantastic for our community! However, it means that Daddy is preoccupied for most of the day. We got to listen to his speech and eat lunch with him, but we enjoyed the festivities without him. It was a day spent in the hot, hot heat (we’ve had a heat advisory for the last couple of days!) full of hotdogs, ice cream, snow cones, lemon shake ups , kettle corn, cotton candy, giant bubbles, bounce houses, tractors, monster trucks, friends, and family. It was a fun filled day, but people didn’t see the emotions of my girls from being so tired. And I was left to handle it by myself while my amazing hubby helped run the celebration for our community. (I’m not complaining – I’m so proud of my hubby and the things he does for our community! It is ahhhmazing what he does… just a bit exhausting on my end lol).

With two little ones who still take naps it was a crazy day to say the least. It was completely hot; I thought my youngest was going to over heat. Seriously, I don’t think she could have been any redder! My oldest wanted to stay and play longer, but my youngest needed a nap desparately. I finally decided to take the kids and leave while my hubby continued to work in the crazy heat for another few hours. As we left I had my youngest in my arms screaming and crying for her Daddy because we had to leave him behind, and my oldest had to walk barefoot because she got a new blister from her shoes. I had to constantly lift her over parts of our walk home because of her bare feet, all while carrying a screaming two year old.

We got home and the crying continued, and my oldest joined in because she was tired and her blister hurt. They needed baths desparately because of the crazy heat this year. I don’t know what I did in my past life, but both my girls are not fans of bath time. Our youngest screams every . single . time. we give her one. They were already a hot mess, so I put them in for a quick one knowing they’d feel better after. My two year old continued screaming until I laid her down for nap, and my 4 year old whined constantly about her blister until I put medicine on it. 30 minutes of crying and screaming, and we were finally settling down.

I rocked my two year old until she calmed down, and then she fell right to sleep.. And then I had to lay with my four year old so she would get a nap to enjoy the night festivities. But as I lay there next to her exhausted from the morning at the celebration, the walk home by myself, and bath time with two screaming kiddos, I still felt blessed and thankful. I get to be their sounding board and the person they go to when they need to release their feelings. I’m their momma…. I didn’t HAVE to lay with my four year old, I GOT to lay with her.

I get to change their diapers. I get to deal with whiney tantrums. I get to serve them countless meals and snacks. I get to read them fun stories.  I get to make them laugh. I get to watch them grow. I get to help them become the person their meant to be. I get to be their momma, even on the crazy hot mess days…The days when you feel just as exhausted as they do. I get to be there.. It is a blessing!

Holidays mean schedules are off and attitudes are a hot mess sometimes.  My oldest daughter was crazy hyper all day knowing what was coming that night; she loves fireworks! I ended up taking my oldest to our friends to watch the fireworks while Daddy stayed home with our youngest. (She was asleep before 7, and Daddy was exhausted after a long day spent in the hot heat!) Even after the long day of craziness seeing her joy in simple little sparklers and then during the fireworks was worth it all. The joy on her face .. priceless.

My daughter said she wanted to lay down to watch them, but wanted a pillow. I told her I didn’t have one, but she could lay on me. Then her two friends joined in, and I became a human pillow for the fireworks show. It was hot and sticky, but I seriously didn’t care. I loved that I could give that to them, and watching them watch the fireworks was wonderful!

This holiday was a simple reminder to embrace life, whatever it may be, and make the most of it. There are beautiful blessings among the craziness. It made me pause and think of the wonderful blessings of motherhood. I’ll always be here for my girls, whatever they need me to be. Even if that means being a human pillow on a hot sweaty night after a long exhausting day.

My hubby was interviewed by the news .. I promise it didn’t go to his head ! Lol

Much Love,

Chef Charley




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