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Long Distance Friendships: 10 Ways to Keep Connected

Who out there has friends who live far away? Where you can’t just jump in the car and meet them at the nearest Starbucks to catch up? After school, life happens, you move away or your friend moves away and gone are the days where catching up on a daily basis over drinks or movie nights happen.  It’s hard to adjust to changes and finding ways to still have your friendship intact may be a challenge. We can’t all have magical pants to share in the mail to keep us all close! LOL – who else out there loves the Traveling Pants of the Sisterhood?!

A simple phone call or note dropped in the mail can let your friends know your thinking of them. I know some people who have a certain time set aside for a phone call. That may not be possible for you as life just gets too busy. In today’s world there’s Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Technology makes it easier to stay up to date with friends’ lives. I know one of my childhood friends keeps up with my crazy life through my Facebook posts. I send Snapchats throughout the week (my kiddos do too!) to my sister who lives 800 miles away. I also randomly send texts to some of my closest friends just so they know they’re on my mind.

My college friend lives a little over 2 hours away. We have a wonderful town where we can meet up every few months for a day of shopping and food. (With both of us having kids it’s more like 2 – 3 times a year now!) We seriously cherish the days and moments when we can meet up and catch up. I have made a couple girls trips with some friends that live far away. Again, those are extremely rare now since having kiddos so I’ll take an afternoon any chance I can get.

I’ve come up with a great list of ways to keep your friendship going. These are things that I’ve done or my friends have done through the years. Here are my top 10 ways to keep long distance friendships connected:

  1. Snapchat daily or a special time weekly
  2. Share a favorite TV show. Watch it and call to discuss after. My bestie and I have had numerous talks about how we miss Tony on NCIS!
  3. Mail an old fashioned letter. Just do it. It’s special and unique. 🙂
  4. Send a care package of their favorite things.
  5. make a new recipe the same day and critique through a video chat.
  6. Start your own book club and call to discuss.
  7. If you can meet halfway some where for an afternoon.
  8. Plan a yearly girls trip.
  9. Play a game on the internet together … Words with Friends anyone?
  10. Share a goal and be accountability partners … eating healthier, exercising, devotions every day.

And know, that even if you can’t talk every day or every week, true friendship lasts. Make sure to have grace in your friendship. Life gets busy and sometimes one doesn’t have the actual time for it. They will get to you when they can because they love you!

Much love,

Chef Charley

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