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Fashion Friday: Back to School Clothes Shopping !

This is the first year I was able to take my daughter school clothes shopping. Her grandma wanted to take her so we spent a girls day shopping and eating! She loved that it was just her, and we may have spoiled her a little much! BUT, I love that we were able to! It’s always nice to have some one on one time and make it a special treat! It’s also a great time to bond and watch her personality shine!

We started with a trip to Starbucks and Target of course…. her request! She’s 4 y’all !! She’s definitely my child! I, unfortunately, have given up coffee and caffeine (the struggle is real! I seriously contemplated just buying a tall coffee just to smell it … I’m awful!), so I tried their passion tea. It was surprisingly delicious! Of course my daughter ordered her favorite strawberry smoothie.

We first looked at book bags… I’ve never seen my daughter so worked up over picking the best book bag. She spent 10 minutes talking about which one before grandma and I both said that there are other places we can look. She agreed; obviously there wasn’t one that she absolutely loved…. until we went to the accessory section and there was a random unicorn bookbag on the shelf. Her reaction to this was so dramatic and priceless I wish I would have gotten it on video! Y’all … I am already trying to prepare myself for the years to come with this child … I see so much drama in my future!



We also have this Skip Hop Zoo Little Unicorn Book Bag for our 2 and a half year old! She loves being like big sis!

We are obsessed with the Cat and Jack line at Target!!!! We found a bunch of goodies there. Then we headed to Old Navy, where we found the cutest pair of shoes to go with our items from Target! I am all about capsule wardrobes… even for kids! We also found a cute jean dress and a couple pair of pants for her little sister. Most of the time baby gets the hand me downs, but our little one is a bit more … chunky in the legs! We needed options that weren’t skinny jeans we used for big sis! Our last two stops were The Children’s Place and The Gap, where we found a few staple items for the fall and winter!

We ended with lunch at Panera (she loves their mac and cheese!). My daughter had a very exciting time getting spoiled for a few hours! She loved picking out her own things … her fashion sense amazes me! 🙂 She was excited to show her Daddy when he got home from work as well! She thought it would be fun to do a fashion show with all the outfit (…even though we found out she has had Strep this week!) So … I ran with it and decided to add them to the post! My little fashionista / diva !

Super Skinny Cropped Jeans  Purple Tank  Green Tank  Button Down Shirt (All from Target) Slip-Ons (We found these at Old Navy, and they match perfectly with a lot of the items we bought from Target!)


Super Skinny Cropped Jeans   Unicorn Tee  (Target)  Slip-Ons (Old Navy)


Super Skinny Cropped Jeans (Target)  Long Sleeve Star Shirt (Gap)   Slip-Ons (Old Navy)   Paint Splatter Jeans (Target)


Paint Splatter Jeans (Target)   Graphic Striped Shirt  (Gap)   Slip-Ons (Old Navy)


Cozy Pullover (Target … and THE coziest and softest shirt ever! Cadence wanted to sleep in it!)    Paint Splatter Jeans (Target)  Slip-Ons (Old Navy)  Girls Sparkle leggings (Target)  Ankle Boots (Gap)


Lace Sleeve Hi-Lo Top (Old Navy)    Girls Sparkle leggings (Target)  Rider Boots (Children’s Place)  Jean Jacket (Children’s Place)



Cold Shoulder shirt (Old Navy)    Girls Sparkle leggings (Target)   Ankle Boots (Gap)   Jean Jacket (Children’s Place)


 Jean Dress (Old Navy)     Girl’s Ruffle Boot Socks (Children’s Place)    Rider Boots (Children’s Place)


Floral Dress (Children’s Place)     Jean Jacket (Children’s Place)    Ankle Boots (Gap)


And of course baby Sis had to get in on the action. She tried on her Toddler Girlfriend Jeans Cadence helped pick me out. I kid you not, I did NOT prompt her for these poses!!!


So happy we were able to do a capsule wardrobe for her! It’s definitely doable for kids!!

Much love,

Chef Charley


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