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Women Crush Wednesday

So I’m quite new to the blogging world as well as the Instagram world! I’m amazed at how many wonderful and awesome women I have connected with! I thought I’d give some love to some of these amazing ladies I’ve met just because of the internet!

Three Little Foodies Okay she isn’t one I’ve met online, but she deserves to be on this list! I’ve known her since I was a kid, and we’ve kind of been on the blogging journey together! She is an AMAZING cook and foodie, and her recipes are so YUMMY! Her three kiddos are adorable as well!!

Raising Darling Dragons This wonderful woman is so sweet and amazing! She’s a wonderful momma to two adorable kiddos. She posts things about kids and family topics as well as awesome wardrobe items! If we lived near one another, you bet I’d be meeting her! I seriously feel she and I would be best friends … we have the same style, kiddos around the same age, and she loves Mojitos…. she’s my kinda girl! Andddd she teaches, which is what I did until I became a stay at home momma!

@Joyfilledhomelife (Instagram) She is a Godly woman with such a positive and happy personality! She homeschools her children, and the love for her family and life is so very evident!

@Nikkibulluck (Instagram) She is so beautiful and amazing! She is open about her journey with depression and health. She is such a positive inspiration, and I wish we lived closer. Her quirky personality is my kind of jam! I could see us chillin’ on the beach dancing to crazy music! 🙂

Pepper Vintage is such a beautiful and brave woman. She is a mental health warrior and advocate. She has helped me personally with my journey of anxiety and slight depression. She’s made me braver in my story and more confident about sharing with people.

Caroline Lately She is one that I just instantly connected with. Her personality just shines through her Instagram posts, and she’s another that I feel if we lived closer I’d be begging her to meet me! LOL … I mean her style is adorable, the things she says I feel like they’re things I say, and she LOVES Stepbrothers!!!! 

Marriage 365 If you don’t follow this amazing account, you should! The things they post are so important and on point. They give such wonderful reminders of what marriage is and should be! And although it’s a husband and wife team that runs it, it’s definitely worth mentioning!

The Brilliant Balance This wonderful woman allowed me to write my first blog contribution to a fellow blogger! She writes about travel, DIY things, and food. She will be a new momma in a couple of weeks as well, so I can’t wait to read about all the fun stuff she will write! She lives in Austin, Texas, and I so want to move there now!

And here a few other’s worth mentioning that I love to follow!

Dating Divas I just love their fun ideas for dating and marriage! They seem like super sweet people!

The Ash In Fashion She has one of the most adorable fashion sense and designs… and she’s new to the blogging world as well!! She is also a momma of two sweet girls. 

Mamimalista This beautiful woman writes about the life of a modern Christian in motherhood. She is super sweet and has wonderful posts!

Chef Emery She is an amazing chef that is all about organic food! She is talks about the food that we put in our body and how it affects us. Her recipes seem simple and ones that my family would actually eat! I can’t wait to get her cookbook!

Katie Did What She is one that I found when I was just contemplating on starting this blogging journey, and gave me quite a bit of inspiration to start this dream! Her sweet personality just shines through in her posts, and she has quite a few helpful tips if you are just starting out in the blogging world!

Christine @scorch_makeup She has an AMAZING lip line she created herself. She’s made me fall in love with using lip gloss all over again, and because of her I’m going to step out of my comfort zone for some of her beautiful bold lip colors!

Do you have any amazing women that you follow? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Much love,

Chef Charley



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