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Date Night In Faith Option October Box Review

Date Night In Boxes

When our box arrived on our porch our oldest daughter who is 4 exclaimed, “Mom, it’s another date night box! I wonder what you and daddy are going to be doing for your date!” Y’all, as if I need another amazing reason to continue date night in boxes because they’re are seriously amazing just because, but our daughter notices! It’s so important to set an example for our kids to see that we spend quality time together just mommy and daddy. It shows them we love each other, and it sets expectations for their future relationships! I LOVE that she sees it and gets just as excited as I do!!

October’s date night in box was so fun and I think our favorite so far! Included in this month’s box was a delicious menu, discussion questions about how we fell for each other (cute with the theme being about Fall!), a candle making kit, a tree of life activity, a yummy snack, and a bunco game. I actually made the meal this month, Cheddar and Thyme Biscuit Pot Pie. Y’all it was delicious! It was the perfect meal for a chilly fall evening at home. The candle making kit was fun to experience, and the smell was AHHHMAZING! The tree of life activity was cute; it wasn’t my husband’s cup of tea, but like I’ve said before he’s not crafty. The pumpkin seeds had a delicious flavor that we munched on during our discussion time and craft.

Then there was bunco. You guyyyyyyyysssss bunco is one of my favorite games! We’ve never played just the two of us because usually it’s done with a large group. BUT we had SO MUCH FUN! Our competitive side came out as well. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my InstaStory where I was bragging about my buncos! LOL. We loved that who ever won the round had to give a reason as to why we loved each other. Super sweet and I learned something new about my hubby. He named something I thought annoyed the poop out of him that I do, but he actually said it was something he loved and appreciated it about me. It was quite sweet to hear!! Hello building stronger relationships and bonding because of Date Night In Boxes!!!!

For this month’s date night in box my husband and I chose to try the Faith option … and we loved it! It wasn’t much different than the regular date, except for the faith discussion card. With the faith option you can include part of your date to strengthen your relationship with each other and God.  It was a wonderful to have some devotion time together. There was a prayer included to pray together and some discussion questions that brought out some wonderful discussions. If you’ve read any of my other date night in box reviews you know that the discussion questions are our absolute favorite part! We just feel so much closer after these discussions and evenings together!

If you’d like to try one out with your loved one you can order one here !!

It’s purple looking because I used purple carrots instead of orange ones … note to self next time use orange if you want it to look normal lol It was still delicious

Much love,

Chef Charley


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