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January’s Faith Night In Box: Foundation of Love

We had planned on an evening a week ago to have our date night in after the kiddos went to bed. I even made the dinner recommended this time (which was AMAZING!!). However, right after dinner our oldest came down with a fever and wanted nothing but cuddles with momma, so our date night was put on hold. #reallife !! BUT the bonus was that because it was at our house, we could finish it anytime we wanted!! Which that is exactly what we did.

This dinner was my favorite menu by far, which is probably the reason why I made it for the whole family! The ground chicken had us add cinnamon. I’ve never heard of cinnamon in tacos, but y’all …. it was the bomb! And yes, I know I sound like I’m living in the 2000’s again, but for real it was such a great add that made all the difference in the taste. Also, the dessert was a HIT! My kiddos and hubby (and of course me!) devoured them! We couldn’t stop! LOL

The Faith portion comes with it’s own discussion guide with a few scriptures and prayer. One scripture that brought out some great conversation with us was Proverbs 15:1 “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”  The guide was all about choosing to love one another, even when sometimes we don’t feel like we want to. I loved the point in the guide when it said, “A beautiful thing happens when you choose to seek the needs of your partner above personal gain.” Y’all marriage can be hard, and this guide had some wonderful points. The prayer was a beautiful one to do together.

After our discussion guide we spent time trying to build the little activities in the box. You see, with my hubby and I, we aren’t ones to create things together. My hubby likes to work on things by himself and focus, while I like to get artsy. So this was actually pretty fun to do together. Some parts were actually challenging, LOL. We had to truly work together and figure out the best way to go about the activities. There was a lot of laughter!! And while we had fun building, we used to the table talk discussion questions for more conversation. I love that the table talk had to do with the craft this month.

Even though we had to split our date night into two nights due to life happening, we really enjoyed this month’s Date Night In Box. If you’d like to try your very own date night in or even kids night in you can click here to check them out!

Much love,

Chef Charley

We took turns coming up with words to describe our relationship. Towards the end we were trying to think really hard, and I kid you not, we said the exact same word at the exact same time!!

We may or may not have eaten some jelly beans along the way … so we may or may not have been able to finish connecting our foundation … but we made it work!!! LOL
Our failed attempt on one of our building structures that we couldn’t stop laughing at!

And of course our delicious dinner and dessert from the week before! Seriously add cinnamon to your tacos … Mariana was right!!! 🙂


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