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My Honest Review of Kid’s Night In Box: Faith Addition

Since my hubby and I are going on our 10 year wedding anniversary trip in a couple of days, we thought we’d try Kid’s Night In Box for some quality time before we left. Y’all, it was so cute and fun; I’ll girls loved it. We really enjoyed some quality family time with this box. The only downsize (or you could say upside because we were so focused in the moment!) I didn’t get a lot of photos of it.

As with the Date Night In Boxes, there was a fun recipe to go along with the fun. It was a fruit recipe that our kids aren’t a fan of, BUT they loved the apple chips that came in the box. They loved munching on those during the short story book and faith portion. Speaking of, this box also had the LOVE book in honor of Tripp Halstead. It was such a cute story to read together and talk about. In the box there was also some fun games to play with the kids. We are a game family, so they were a huge hit! The activity that came with it was a bit challenging for our youngest, but we saved it for a one on one time for our oldest for a later date. There was one fun little art piece they were each able to create and then give to someone else as a gift. They really enjoyed that.

One of our favorite parts (unanimously!!) was the faith in portion. We were able to have family time with God. We go to church every Sunday, and I teach VBS every year. Our relationship with God is important, and y’all, we seriously loved this part with our kiddos. It came with a memory verse to teach the kids, along with a read aloud, some wonderful discussion questions, and a prayer.

Overall, the Kids Night In Box was a hit with our family! We love that it comes with an activity or two, a game portion, story time, and for the faith portion a discussion guide. I think we will definitely be doing more of these in the future. It was such a wonderful way to spend some quality time together. And the best part is I didn’t have to plan anything; it was delivered right to my door! 🙂 If you’d love to try either a Kids Night In Box you can check it all out at Night In Boxes!! They also offer Date Night ones, and you can read all about our latest Date Night In Boxes here!

Our favorites from the box!

Much love,

Chef Charley


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