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April Date Night In Box (Faith): Let Love Grow

Last month we had a blast reliving our childhood with our Date Night In Box (check out all the fun we had here), and this month it was all about growing our future! We absolutely loved this month’s just as much.

We have been doing the Faith box for awhile now, and if you’ve read any of my previous Date Night In Box posts you know it’s one of our favorite parts. Our values have always been one of the biggest things we have in common. We go to church in my husband’s childhood church – currently four generations go there!! My husband has been on the church counsel and every year I help run our VBS program. We are very much a part of church community. But this part of our date night helps our personal relationship with God grow all the while strengthening our marriage. We love that it has a discussion guide with scripture, prayers, and ideas. This month was about ways to continue a Christ- centered growth within our relationship. Some of the ideas we already do, but we decided to also add a new one. We found a marriage devotional that we are going to do once a week. We decided on a set day and time each week, and we look forward to our continued growth with God.

Now onto some of the activities. When I did my unboxing I saw the Relationship Timeline where I thought we would be focusing on all our memories. We did pick a few of the main ones, but then they wanted us to focus on our future! We rolled the die, then pick a future time based on the number we rolled. It was a nice way to talk together about where we see our life going. (It was especially nice to hear the thoughts of my hubby, as I am a major planner and seriously have so many things planned for our life that he doesn’t know about LOL).

We then moved on to planting a basil herb. Neither one of us have a green thumb … especially me. I seriously can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me! BUT I love using basil herbs so I was pretty excited for this part! And the actual sweetest part about planting the basil herb … my hubby has started watering it. All . on . his . own! It was the cutest thing that he thought about it (I totally didn’t think about it … again terrible at keeping plants alive!) He also has our daughter in on it. Every morning they water it together. It’s really quite sweet. Meanwhile, all I can think about it the quote from one of our favorite RomComs … “Our love fern, you let it die?!”

Next up- games! This is our second favorite part of Date Night In Boxes. We are a huge game of any kind couple. They sent us a deck of cards and gave us a list of fun games to play, as well as a version of their own game. We first played War, which we hadn’t played in years!!! I forgot how long that could take, but it was worth it – I WON!! 🙂 After that we hopped online to read the instructions to their own version of a game. On the back of some of the cards there were questions we had to answer. It was a fun way to get even more conversation out. There were light hearted ones such as – Share with your partner an embarrassing moment iin your life. That one had us both laughing. Or another one – Would you like to be famous? In what way? – in which I actually learned something new about my hubby after 15 years! There were also deeper questions – For what in your life do you feel most grateful? What do you value most in a friendship? Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it. … There were many more that lead to some great conversations.

There were also other things planned in the Date Night In Box that we didn’t get to. Seriously, by the time we were done with all the fun and conversations we were ready for bed! Sometimes we do a movie they recommend to end the evening, which they always give! They also gave a new part this month- activities idea. We glanced through, and while some won’t work for us as we live in a small town, we thought of something we could do at a later date together. This summer we plan to bike ride through town rather than drive somewhere for a coffee date. They also put in a dinner menu each month. I’ve only made the dinner once as we still eat dinner with our kiddos, and I have some picky eaters in our house! LOL BUT this months meal was based a lot on vegetables and healthy garden foods. I will definitely be making it for me for lunch one day!

If you are interested in trying out one of these awesome Date Night In Boxes, you can check them out here! They really are a great way to enjoy a simple date night at home without planning a thing or hiring a babysitter! We love that it gets us out of our comfort zone trying things we may have not before or bringing great conversations out with things that we normally wouldn’t talk about! And y’all that last part was out of the mouth of my hubby – he enjoys it too!

When your new updated phone zooms in automatically on selfies !!!! Couldn’t stop laughing!
Good thing I looked through our photos before the night ended!!
Further away redo …. lol

Much love,

Chef Charley

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