Hello and welcome to my little spot on the internet! I’m Charley (just Charley!), and yes I’m a girl! I love to plan and organize (and fill in calendars!). I am always dreaming of things to do and love to put them into action! In another life I swear I was a travel agent or event planner! I love photography (my husband has said numerous times that we’ll go down in history as the most photographed couple!), reading books (when I have the time), and spending time in the kitchen. I truly believe the kitchen is the place that makes the home a home! I also love to smile … and laugh … and make lots of memories. I have a bit of a potty mouth (when my kiddos aren’t around!). My guilty pleasures include romance novels and tres leches cake. I love Jesus and believe the best in others. Sunshine and positivity are two of my favorite things.

I am a pusher up of popsicles, builder of forts, kisser of boo boos, and storyteller extraordinaire to two adorable little girls, Cadence and Collins. My days are filled with cleaning house, chasing our 2 little ones, and lots of laughter (most days! There are some that are amazingly filled with tantrums and meltdowns!). My loving husband, Cody, and I have been together since we were 17 (almost half our lives!) He makes me laugh constantly and is my partner in this crazy thing we call life! We live in a small town in the good ol’ Midwest, and although there are days when I dream about living near the beach again (I spent 5 years near Gulf Shores, AL and many a days on the beach as a teenager!), this wonderful place that can never make up it’s mind on the weather is where we call home. We live a simple and happy life, and I feel extremely blessed to call it my own!